Sophie Attwood

Award-winning PR expert, business founder & director

Sophie Attwood is a multi award-winning strategist in the field of public relations and brand strategy, and draws upon her extensive experience to provide invaluable insights and offer a unique opportunity for brands to learn how to truly enhance their reputation and bolster growth with an honest communications strategy.

The founder and director of global communications agency, SA Communications, which represents trailblazers in the health and wellness, beauty and lifestyle industries. The agency itself has experienced exponential growth, even throughout the pandemic, and Sophie’s ambition for the company is to continue to expand and grow the business whilst maintaining a specialism within the health, wellness and beauty industries. The full-service communications agency has garnered a steadfast reputation for developing creative strategies to enable clients to elevate their business to the next level, and it does this by leading with authenticity and integrity.

Sophie’s ambition is to cut through the noise in a crowded market and set the agenda not follow it. To continually question and challenge the status quo in order to deliver communications strategies which not only fully engage with the consumer, but also work towards better standards in the beauty, health and wellness industries as a whole. As the mother of a daughter, Sophie is keen to break glass ceilings and prove that gender or age are not limitations to success, empowering her team and clients alike.

Sophie recently published her debut book, "Beautiful PR: Finding Your Brand's Heartbeat for Authenticity in Communication." The highly anticipated book is now available for readers and industry professionals seeking to elevate their brand communication strategies.

She is keen to use her experience and knowledge to help brands to listen to and amplify their brand’s heartbeat. She unveils an entirely new approach to forming a communications strategy - one that evokes an emotional connection with each brand’s target audience, leading to greater brand awareness, an unwavering, steadfast reputation and unmistakable business growth.

Sophie offers tips and tricks and promises to help brands of all sizes to take their communications strategy to the next level. From storytelling techniques to ethical brand communication, she shares a comprehensive guide to building lasting and meaningful relationships with customers.

She believes that in what is now a heavily filtered world, showcasing your brand’s natural beauty has never been more important. Building a communications strategy based on solid foundations of integrity and authenticity is vital for long-term success. In the right place, at the right time, with the right emotional connection at the heart of its message, PR can perform miracles in the most unexpected of ways - and she would love for more brands to experience that.

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