Barb Allen

Barb Allen is the relatable voice challenging gender norms & biases in male dominated industries

Barb faced gender specific challenges during her climb to leadership in the Construction Industry… but did not allow them to deter her.   She received her bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, then began her journey as a carpenter wearing her tool bags learning to physically build buildings, relationships, and a successful career as a woman in construction. She climbed ladder rungs that included Foreman, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Pre-Construction Manager, Project Executive, and Operations Director. She now utilizes those experiences to educate and motivate audiences to better recognize, understand, and eliminate gender specific challenges in order to increase recruiting and retention within the industry.

Who Am I Now? A Journey to Authenticity Keynote
Authenticity for women in male dominated industries can be a double edged sword. Through the years we lose bits of ourselves becoming who we feel we need to become in order to succeed. Barb will take your audience for an ENTERTAINING ride through her own personal journey toward authenticity … while simultaneously MOTIVATING participants to begin their own journey.

OneLadder to Leadership Keynote
Utilizing lived experiences and relatable stories, Barb EDUCATES and MOTIVATES audience members to better recognize, understand, overcome, and eliminate the challenges women face as they climb the ladder to leadership in male dominated industries. Awareness and Understanding are the tools needed to build new leadership ladders that provide a safe and equitable climb for all employees.

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