Jane Hawkes

Queen of customer service & consumer champion

Queen of Customer Service Jane Hawkes aka Lady Janey is a leading Consumer Champion. Jane is the author of the consumer blog ladyjaney.co.uk and the go to consumer expert for a number of local and national radio stations.

Jane is a new face on our TV screens with appearances on BBC, ITV, GMB and Channel 5 to her credit. Jane also regularly features in national press and is an Award Winning UK Moneyblogger.

With over 20 years experience on both sides of the counter, Jane works proudly with companies to encourage the highest standards of Customer Service in the UK. Highly passionate about her area of expertise, Jane consistently provides valued advice and recommendations as an outstanding customer service consultant.

Jane is well versed at how best to deal with complaints and evaluate levels of customer service with her unique concept of ‘Selfie Shopping.’  On a daily basis Jane helps businesses to increase sales and retain and gain customers through deep dives of the customer service experience. 

Jane is a published author and her book 'Are You Being Served?' described as a "delightful and insightful" insight into the world of Customer Service with a lovely foreword by Lorraine Kelly CBE has been published on Amazon. You name it and she’s covered it.

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