Andrea Janzen

Helping women advance their careers & companies in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry

We all know that recruiting women into architecture, engineering and construction is important. Research shows that the number one driver for retention is a clear path to advancement. But today, that path is out of reach for most women.

The current approach to developing leaders doesn't work the same for women as it does for men.

The transformational leadership skills and emotional intelligence that women bring to the table don't carry the same weight as technical expertise or years on the job.  Women face a double bind. On one hand, they're told to be more confident. But on the other hand, they're reprimanded for being too bossy or called aggressive.

Women are told to find a mentor. Men naturally gravitate towards sponsorship. Mentorship is about advice and preparation. Sponsorship is about exposure and opportunities. Opportunities lead to advancement. The current approach isn't working. Failure to act now will result in senior leaders turning down work because they don't have enough people to perform the job.

Putting the onus on women isn't enough. We need to shift the burden of responsibility from women to organizations.  

Most women in construction talks are doom and gloom or they alienate men. Andrea Janzen takes a completely different approach.  She helps men and women advance together.

It's not about men versus women. It's about leveraging our unique strengths to advance the industry. If you want a speaker that's motivating, positive, and relevant to men and women, if you are a leader who is willing to take a proactive approach instead of sitting on the sidelines, if you're committed to building an inclusive work environment while keeping your culture intact, this is the best approach.

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