Ndah Mbawa

Discussing fostering belonging & inclusive excellence & developing an intentionally inclusive culture

With more than 2 decades working as an IT Consultant, Ndah now lives out my passion for helping families, schools and corporates create academic and social impact.

How? By curating inclusive and representative children's literature as a way to shape their global outlook and nurture reading for pleasure, which so happens to be a formidable tool for social justice.

Her lived experience as a Black woman in the male dominated IT sector aligned perfectly with the season when the need for diversity awareness, belonging and inclusion was at all time high.

Ndah delivers high-energy, thought-provoking, engaging & impactful keynote speeches at corporate and education events which challenge audiences to leverage their voices and focus paying attention to what matters most in building an inclusive culture.

Audiences love her authentic delivery of quick and practical inclusion strategies which they can apply personally and professionally, most calling on real examples from her own story.

For organisations who want their teams to feel they are the authors of the narrative of a modern day workplace where everyone feels they truly belong, thrives and does better because we know better her talks would be the perfect fit.

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