Kathy Eastwood

30 years of leadership & overcoming adversity inspire change & success

Kathy Eastwood, with her profound expertise and dynamic E3 Framework (Express, Engage, Execute), offers a transformative perspective on leadership that promises to energize and empower audiences at International Women's Day events. Kathy's approach, rooted in over three decades of diverse leadership roles, translates complex insights into actionable strategies, making her an invaluable asset for event managers looking to inspire change and growth.

Her keynote addresses and workshops are not mere presentations but interactive experiences designed to deeply engage participants. Kathy’s custom-tailored content addresses the unique challenges and aspirations of each audience, ensuring that every participant leaves with practical tools and a renewed vision for leadership. Her sessions are especially impactful for Trust Circles and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), where her emphasis on the E3 Framework—powered by Emotional Qualities—facilitates a profound understanding of how to leverage personal and collective adversity into a catalyst for transformative leadership.

What sets Kathy’s offerings apart are:

• Customization: Every workshop is meticulously designed to resonate with the specific needs and culture of the audience, ensuring relevance and applicability.
• Interactivity: Kathy’s sessions prioritize hands-on learning, encouraging active participation and real-life application of concepts.
• Expertise: Drawing from a rich career and personal journey of resilience, Kathy delivers not just knowledge but wisdom, energizing participants with her passion and insight.
• Outcomes: Attendees gain not just theoretical knowledge but practical skills and strategies to enhance their leadership capabilities and foster effective collaboration.

Kathy's workshops cover a wide array of topics, from mastering team dynamics to refining personal leadership styles, tailored to enrich your ERG’s development journey. Engaging Kathy Eastwood for your next event is an opportunity to spark meaningful change, unlock leadership potential, and cultivate a culture of empowerment and continuous improvement.


As the CEO and Founder of E Equals Why, Kathy Eastwood brings an extensive array of leadership and boardroom experience to the table, honed over a 30-year career. Her journey has traversed a wide spectrum of executive roles, including Chief Operating Officer, Chief People Officer, and Chief of Staff, across diverse functions such as finance, sales, and R&D. Kathy's leadership narrative is enriched by her impactful engagements with both global giants like E&Y and HP, as well as agile private enterprises, providing her with a unique blend of insights into effective leadership practices.

Kathy's deep-seated passion for transformative leadership was ignited by personal adversities faced within the corporate arena, including workplace harassment and the challenge of navigating toxic leadership environments. These experiences, coupled with her success in driving pivotal change initiatives, laid the foundation for E Equals Why. At the heart of her firm lies the practical E3 Methodology: Express, Engage, Execute, alongside the E3 Emotional Toolkit. This approach is designed to redefine leadership by fostering empathy, trust, and empowerment, thereby enhancing employee engagement, elevating customer experiences, and ultimately propelling organizational success.

The ethos of E Equals Why is encapsulated in its Purpose, Vision, and Mission, reflecting Kathy's aspiration for a corporate landscape where leaders, teams, and organizations are unified by a shared purpose and language, dedicated to nurturing a culture steeped in trust and collaboration. Through a bespoke suite of offerings, E Equals Why is committed to equipping entities with proven leadership practices, paving the way for high-performing cultures that thrive on reaching their fullest potential.

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