Lola Adeyemo

Immigrant, entrepreneur & career mom

Lola Adeyemo is a dynamic individual with passion-driven experiences in building inclusive workplaces. She collaborates with global organizations to foster inclusive workplaces by harnessing the power of their diverse communities.

Driven by a personal dedication to inclusion and advocacy, Lola seamlessly weaves her story and experiences into her work. She recently published a compelling book titled "Thriving in Intersectionality: Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America," shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of immigrant women in the corporate world.

Her book is a collection of stories from her personal experiences and the 50+ Immigrant women she interviewed. She has delivered an inspiring TEDx talk on Belonging and launched a weekly podcast, "Thriving in Intersectionality," further amplifying the voices and experiences of underrepresented individuals.

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