Helen Lewis

Prize-winning publishing entrepreneur launching 700+ authors over the past 12 years

Helen Lewis is the Director and Founder of prize-winning publicity agency LitPR founded in 2012 when she had a baby in one arm and a toddler in the other (and decided life wasn’t quite busy enough!).

Fast forward 700+ campaigns: the babies are now teenagers, and LitPR is a team of 8 amazing women. Specialising in working with indie authors, and building long-term, sustainable and successful author brands, Helen is passionate about diversity and inclusion in publishing. A single mum, born and raised in Yorkshire, Helen is passionate about levelling the playing field for authors, and hopes that in the future, her daughters’ children won’t grow up reading all of the same books by all the same sorts of authors as she read when she was at school. Being the co-founder of The Diverse Book Awards, alongside the amazing author Abiola Bello, is one of her proudest work achievements.

Helen lives in the countryside in Kent, having spent her 20s living in London, and although she’s a self-confessed workaholic, she also loves walking, travelling, yoga, and making memories with her family and friends.

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