Judith Rance

Leading the diversity change of event speakers & audience

Judith Rance is the Communications and Events Manager at RenewableNI, a not-for-project organisation.

Upon taking up post Judith noticed theat renewable energy events were dominated by male speakers and male audience.

She began to refer events to offer them at an inclusive time to allow more women to attend.  She implemented a gender balance of speakers to ensure the voices of all industry experts were heard.

To mark International Women's Day in 2023, Judith arranged 'Women in Renewables' - the first all-female renewable energy event in UK and Ireland.  One hundred women gathered to discuss overcoming obstacles and ways to champion diversity in the industry.  The free event mixed senior staff and early career females at round tables to build networking connections and support.

Women in Renewables was nominated as a CIPR Best Event award.

The flagship renewable energy conference in October that year boasted a line up the was over 50 Per cent female.  And with an inclusive start time a better balance in the audience.

Women in Renewables returns for 2024 picking up on the issues raised last year.

Judith is happy to share her experience on increasing diversity in events and how we can riase more women as role models.

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