Arlyne Chinyanganya

Financial wellness coach, qualified accountant speaking on leadership, diversity & inclusion

Arlyne Chinyanganya ACMA CGMA MIP is a qualified accountant with over 12 years experience and Founder of Roots to Froots financial wellness.

Arlyne, the driving force behind Roots to Froots, envisions a fun and friendly approach to financial education. With a passion for spreading financial knowledge and eradicating the stress associated with money matters, Arlyne serves as a beacon for positive change.

“Roots to Froots mission is to give people a forum and the confidence to discuss finance. We make people comfortable talking about money and provide good, honest and clear advice.”

Additionally Arlyne hosts panels & networking events particularly for CIMA as a Women in Leadership (WIL) ambassador to attract more women into the profession. Arlyne has hosted workshops for Foundervine, University of Arts London, giffgaff, O2, and moderated on the UK Black business show.

The Vision: We envision a world where financial literacy is not just a necessity but a source of empowerment. The roots of our community grow stronger when individuals and businesses are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and guidance to navigate the intricate landscape of finance.

What We Do: Educational Initiatives: Since our inception in 2020, we've been offering free financial wellness workshops, reaching over 3000 attendees. Our goal is to break the stigma around financial discussions and provide practical insights that empower individuals to take control of their money.

One-on-One Coaching: We've supported over 500 individuals through personalised coaching sessions, recognising that everyone's financial journey is unique. Our approach involves tailoring advice to individual circumstances, ensuring tangible and sustainable progress.

Community Engagement: Beyond the digital realm, we've been actively engaging with our community through talks and workshops. From collaborating with corporate giants like giffgaff and Virgin Media O2 to participating in events like the UK Black Business Show, we strive to bring financial awareness to diverse audiences.

Partnerships for Impact: Roots to Froots is proud to collaborate with esteemed partners like Lloyds Bank and HSBC, amplifying our reach and impact. These partnerships enable us to extend our support network and contribute positively to society.

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