Laurelle Brown

Co-founder & Director of KIJIJI - Black Safeguarding Professionals (BSPs)

Laurelle began her career as a volunteer youth worker on play schemes and respite breaks for children with disabilities, and fundraising for her local Women’s Aid Refuge. She has over 20 years experience in a range of cross-sector frontline, research, strategy and leadership roles including in further education, violence reduction, children’s social care, youth offending and child exploitation and missing services.  She has a Master's degree in Youth and Community Work (JNC qualified) and is a Churchill Fellow having travelled across Europe to research 'Foster care for adolescents with "complex needs"'.

Laurelle now uses her expertise and lived experience in various roles, including as Director of Laurelle Brown Training and Consultancy, where she works with leaders tackle equality, diversity and inclusion change across systems for children. She is also an Independent Scrutineer for Tower Hamlets local Safeguarding Children Partnership, and volunteers as a School Governor, Peer Cadre member for the National Police Chiefs Council Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme (VKPP) and Trustee for The Association of Safeguarding Partners (TASP).

Why KIJIJI is important to me…

“I have achieved much that I am proud of in my career, and I am really grateful for the opportunities and support along the way. As a neurodivergent, Black woman, there have been many barriers and challenges that I have faced, many of which I still face now. My experience of pushing through has taught me a lot, however, the journey should not be this hard. For me, KIJIJI is one way to help Black Safeguarding Professionals access the valuable support, networks and opportunities that may be being denied in their careers”.

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