Lebo Setlaelo

Empower your self-healing journey! Platform, podcast & books by yours truly

Lebo isn't your average self-help guru. She's a holistic healer and a down-to-earth powerhouse on a mission to help you ditch the struggle and embrace your self-healing journey. Beyond her healing expertise, she brings a wealth of experience from the publishing world. As a seasoned project and marketing manager and the founder of a publications company, she understands the power of clear communication and crafting impactful content.

This unique blend is evident in her work as the founder of Ya Udongo Wellness, where she creates awesome tools and resources (think podcasts you'll actually listen to, not snooze to) to navigate life's bumps and build unshakeable inner peace.

In her talks, she explores topics that include:

The self-healing superpower you already have: Yep, you! Discover how self-healing can transform your life, both personally and professionally.

Kickstarting your healing journey: Learn real, actionable strategies to overcome challenges, break free from negativity, and find your inner chill.

Bouncing back like a boss: Life throws curveballs, but you can become a pro dodger. Learn how to build resilience and navigate life's ups and downs like a champ.

The power of community: Healing isn't a solo act. Discover the importance of finding your cheerleaders and building a support system that rocks.

Lebo's talks are a refreshing blend of practical advice, relatable stories, and a whole lot of "you got this" energy. For event organisers looking for a speaker who can empower their audience to own their healing journey and unlock their full potential – you've found her!

For podcasters and organisations looking to infuse their content with a dose of self-healing inspiration, Lebo is a captivating guest speaker and collaborator. Reach out to her at info@yaudongo.com to explore co-creation opportunities!

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