Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini

Championing female empowerment & inspiring the next wave of women leaders in tech & innovation

Dhosjan Greenaway-Dalini, CEO and Founder of Bia Innovate, a company dedicated to fostering innovation and empowering startups and individuals to succeed. With over two decades of experience in strategic finance and operations, Dhosjan has honed her expertise across a variety of sectors, including SaaS, AI and FinTech. Her career has been characterised by her role in scaling operations, strategic financial planning, fundraising, and providing comprehensive advisory services to enhance business growth and sustainability.

An alumnus of Imperial College London, Dhosjan earned her Executive MBA with a focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, further solidifying her commitment to continuous innovation and finding adaptive solutions to business challenges. She champions the collaborative power of teams, utilising a network of experts to extend Bia Innovate's offerings beyond strategic finance, ensuring a partnership model that propels businesses toward their goals.

Dhosjan is passionate about elevating women in business. She founded The Female Founders Empowerment Agency as part of her mission to address the gender disparity in leadership within the startup ecosystem. The agency is designed to equip female founders with the practical skills needed for success, fostering a community of support and empowerment.

Dhosjan is available for speaking engagements, where she shares her insights on strategic finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, personal growth and the empowerment of women in the business world. Her journey from a seasoned VP of Finance and Revenue Operations to a visionary entrepreneur makes her a compelling voice for innovation, leadership, and gender equality in business.

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