Pamela Adede

Computer & data scientist passionate about knowledge sharing, mentoring & women empowerment

Pamela holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and is currently pursuing an MSc in Data Science. She is skilled in data operations - Acquisition, Integration, Storage, Management, Protection, Use and Extraction. Her professional goal is to leverage her expertise and skills to advance the field of data operations and support the utilization of high-quality data in making precise inferences. To this end, she works in the data operation department of a global CRO that offers statistical consulting, clinical trial reporting, data management, and data science services.

Pamela has passion for sharing knowledge and empowering people, especially women, to reach their highest potential and thereafter illuminate the path for others. She often calls for people to shine. In her words, "Give your best to all that you do and all that you are. Stay diligent and pursue excellence. You never know who is watching, who you are inspiring or who will recognize your work and open the door to the next level for you." She is highly articulate in her written and spoken communication and often has received feedback on being a great communicator and orator.

She has been interviewed and featured on Women in Science by Outsourcing Pharma.  She enjoys writing and has had her latest article titled ‘Addressing Missing Data in Clinical Trials – The Data Science Approach’ published in the European journal for Clinical Studies. The article discussed why the regular monitoring of real-time metrics is highly effective at preventing costly missing data in Clinical Trials.

When Pamela is not being a techie, she loves to take nature walks, read, write, cook, or spend time with loved ones.

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