Paris Bartholomew

Challenging you to survive life's ups and downs, grow from the negative and inspires you to be positive on your journey

Paris entered the care system as a result of her birth mother’s prison conviction for abuse which, due to its severity, was featured in the local press.

She remained a looked after child in London, Essex and the surrounding areas till formally leaving at aged 18.

In her early ages, she developed a personal interest in psychology, in order to gain some understanding of her own history.

Multiple placements took its toll, but Paris, named as one of the most resilient people her social worker had ever met, began to provide support to disadvantaged children within the care system.

At age 19, Paris becomes an Independent Advisor, attending conferences and giving talks in the wake of the 1989 Children Act. Some of the young people Paris supported were those who had developed mental illness & disorders, in part, due to their disturbing pasts.

After qualifying as a teacher & post -16 lecturer in Health, Social Care, PHSE & Psychology, Paris graduated with an MA in Philosophy / Psychology combined at Middlesex University and began working freelance delivering a combination of education and motivation to young people, social workers, live-in carers, probation staff, foster carers, and youth offenders.

She uses a combination of mindfulness and meditation to enhance her own well-being and has a passionate, interactive, fun but inspiring approach to her talks.

She challenges her audiences to ‘survive, grow and inspire’ others by sharing a range of techniques she uses for achieving this within her own life; her basic message is one of hope & inspiration, her mission, to let her audiences know that recovery from emotional trauma is possible.

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