Dr. Mara Catherine Harvey

Award winning advocate for SDG5

Mara is a senior manager in Finance, an author and female founder.

She changed the world’s leading wealth manger to put female clients at the CORE of the value chain and drive innovation in products and partnerships to funnel capital towards gender equality.

Her career in finance has led her to address the impact of pay gaps on wealth gaps and she is now bringing the conversation on equal pay and sustainability to children, with a series of rhymed stories. Today she is committed to breaking bias in money messages. The pay gap doesn’t start in mid 20s, it starts at age 5. We need to change the money messages for little girls.

Mara believes that money is not just a transmission of value - it’s a transmission of values.
She wants to shape conversations with children from a young age, so that every money-moment in peoples lives (earning, saving, spending, investing) becomes an opportunity to make a better world.

Let’s change the world one money story at a time!

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