Andrea Dunlop

International Executive, angel investor and non-executive Director who advocates for diversity and equality in the workplace.

In 2020 it will be fifty years since the equal pay act came into effect. In 2019 we saw a number of high profile pay discriminations cases. Its hard to believe this is still an issue but it is, the average gender pay gap between men and women stands at 13.1%.

Research from the Fawcett Society reveals that only 2 in 5 female workers know they are being paid the same as their male counterpart, while 60% are either in the dark about how much their male colleagues earn, or know men make more. Further to this, 42% of women feel undervalued by employers who pay them less than men for the same role.

The UK had the fifth largest gender pay in Europe and in London alone the gender pay gap has barely changed in two decades.

So despite legislation on companies reporting gender pay gap data publicly since 2017 this hasnt helped closed the pay gap any quicker and at current rate it could take another 60 years here in the UK

We have waited long enough , we need change and a call to action. Women shouldn't have to run the gauntlet of the court systems to find out if they have been paid unequally.

This speech will be a call to action to the audience lets make a difference in 2020 and help the various bodies campaigning to update the equal pay act.

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