Favour Onabanjo

A full-time management accountant and mother, student, trainer, coach and author

Favour is the founder of TalentsBrand.

She is passionate about helping women to discover their self-identity and achieving their true purpose in life.

Her mission is to support women to break free from any barrier that could stop them from reaching their goals in life.

Favour know how difficult it could be to scale through in life or even in business if there is no support in terms of mentoring or coaching.  

Favour was on the journey of looking for an additional stream of income when she found her true identity in supporting other women.  Now she is supporting so many women entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses while enjoying what they do.

She works with various women who need clarity about their career part, those who are not happy with their career/business or basically need a change in their lives

She does this by organising monthly workshops, online courses, 1-2-1 coaching program on Personal Development, Personal branding and business branding.

Her programme has helped women to identify their potentials and be who they truly want to be and achieve their purpose in live thereby adding value to themselves and community.

Favour is passionate about helping women to achieve their life goals.  We help them:
- Identify and clarify their uniqueness and talents
- Create opportunities to convert their unique ideas into products and services
- Support women to boost their confidence
- Bringing the best out of them
- Help them see beyond ‘the now’
- Strategy to manage themselves and live a less stressful life
- Build a community where likeminded people can share ideas and learn from each other’s
- Help them become who they truly want to be and live according to their terms
- Build a recognisable brand
- Live their life’s purpose - enjoying what they do and impacting other lives

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