Debra Charles

Dyslexic entrepreneur, futurologist, public speaker and policy influencer

A dyslexic entrepreneur, futurologist, public speaker and policy influencer, Debra promotes the vital role of Leading with kindness in the fast-approaching Fourth Industrial Revolution.

One of the UK’s top SME Business leaders, Debra Charles is founder and CEO of Novacroft, a smart technology and customer care organisation,  co-founder and chair of The Kindness Movement and founder of the CharityForum whose mission brings together amazing leaders to future-proof the charity sector.

Debra is an expert futurologist helping others understand both the global opportunities and perils that will evolve as we move toward and go beyond 2030.

“Ensuring that Leadership, AI and robots have the wellbeing of humanity at their core is vital to the survival of humanity,” says Debra.

Debra is passionate about inspiring leaders to lead with Kindness. Kindness is the unique quality that differentiates us from the AI and robots of our future.

In 2019 Debra was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Cranfield University for her work in shaping UK business.

Debra Charles is CEO and Founder of Novacroft, a 300 strong team of specialists in smart technology and customer care.

An expert in integrating people, processes and technology to help transform organisations to be fit today to thrive tomorrow.

Novacroft designed the concessionary Oyster card system and transformed how people travel around London along with providing the infrastructure for Olympic and ParaOlympics. 32m people use Novacrofts’ products and services.

In 2018, Debra co-founded The Kindness Movement, which is dedicated to encouraging school children in 41 countries across the world to recognise the value of kindness.

Debra is a trustee of the Northamptonshire Community Foundation, a Cranfield University Entrepreneur Alumnus of the Year and a member of the University’s School if Management Advisory Board.

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