HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah

A royal family princess, philanthropist, and entrepreneur with sky high ambition to make the world a peaceful society to women

HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah has a unique personality with sky-high ambition and love for life in all its details, she is a mother of four daughters, which makes her the perfect supporter of women and young people, with an unwavering determination to make it a better and more peaceful society.

After spending many years in the Corporate world she decided to leave this behind and become a Social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist.

2011 she started the First Publishing house in the Arab world focusing only on Wellbeing publications, 2013 she started “Alnowair”, an NGO that brings positive, social-behavioral change in Kuwait using Positive Psychology followed closely after 2 years with “Bareec” an educational program which establishes a positive learning environment in schools.

Her strong belief in how media can change behavior led her to produce 4 award-winning films using local Kuwaiti youth and talent, all her films promote high ethics and values through drama and fantasy in movies.

Her passion to help women find their strengths and fall in love with themselves lead her to start "Intisars" a jewelry brand that uses the 5 senses or the power of words to make the wearer love themselves more.

She is on a mission to bring peace to the Arab world and as a believer of how psychology deeply changed her beloved Kuwait, she founded the "Intisar Foundation" a UK based charity that works with women affected by war to alleviate their trauma through the very creative therapeutic approach of Drama Therapy.

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