Natalee Johnson

Balancing life, work, education and being a single mother

Natalee Johnson is an author, mother and the founder of Passion 4 Dreams.

Natalee speaks to her lived experiences and her journey of being a single mother and overcoming obstacles and learning to walk in purpose and not fear.  

She focuses on perseverance, resilience, encouraging, empowering, inspiring, educating and uplifting others locally and globally.

Natalee's signature topics include:
Moving Forward with Purpose and Not Fear
-Natalee will share her lived experience of how she was able to move forward with purpose and overcome fear. She shares how important it is to not allow fear to keep us stagnate. Natalee speaks about the importance of living a purposeful life, living with intention and how planning with an end-in mind. She shares her personal story as a single mother, changing careers as a mother, setting goals. Natalee shares how other people's words can allow us not to believe in ourselves. She provides strategies for moving forward and pursuing our goals.  

Failures are Opportunities
- Natalee shares how sometimes we can dwell on failures and we allow our failures to keep us down. She will provide strategies as to how to use failures as stepping stones. She shares the importance of learning from failures and shares her own story and how she was able to use her failures as learning opportunities. Natalee shares the importance of having a growth mindset in our personal and professional lives. She shares how she was able to launcher her business Passion 4 Dreams and become a published author.

Mental Wellness and Self-Care
-As a single mother, Natalee shares how important it is for women to find a balance between work, family and mental wellness. She will provide activities that will help women identify self-care activities based on each women's individual needs. Women will get the opportunity to engage in small group discussions and participate in activities. She will also share her own inspiring story of how she began to focus more on mental wellness and self-care in her daily life and why it is important in our professional and personal lives. Natalee will speak about the importance of balance in our everyday lives and how she struggled with mental wellness as a mother and what she had to do to engage in self-care activities.

Turning Your Passions into a Career
- Natalee will share how she learned to turn her hobbies of writing to published work. She will share the strategies she used and the importance of research. She will also share the importance of women finding their passion and not forgetting that it is okay to have a career that we love. She will help women realize their passion and what they love to do and help women to identify how to find their hobbies and passions into paid opportunities. She will provide the best practices that worked for her on her journey and how Passion 4 Dreams Inc. was founded.

Walking in Faith
-Natalee will share how having faith and hope helped her on her journey.

Girls Empowered
- Natalee also focuses on empowering youth. Natalee speaks about identity, social media balance, peer pressure, relationships, media influence, self-love, and self-awareness.

Vision Board 101
-Natalee provides insight into the benefits of developing short and long-term goals and writing goals and objectives down. She will also host a Vision board workshop and share the power of vision boards.

Leaving a Legacy
β€œTo inspire is to be inspired. To motivate is to be motivated. To encourage is to be encouraged. To influence is to be influenced, to educate is to want to make a difference and impact generations. Change starts by planting a seed.” – Author: Natalee A. Johnson

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