Gosia Syta

Personal Impact Expert helping women in male-dominated industries step into bigger roles by developing their leadership presence

Gosia Syta is a personal impact expert and the founder of the communication skills consultancy Walk Your Talk. She helps the emerging and existing female leaders to express themselves with confidence, clarity and conviction to increase their profile and step into more senior roles.

Using her Personal Impact Blueprint, Gosia teaches her clients how they can command respect without taking the “likability penalty” for acting in a way that leads to power and success.

Gosia works with corporate clients such as BP, Dentons, Ticketmaster, Unicredit and Thomson Reuters, as well as the British government (BEIS) and tech startup founders.

She has been a mentor on the Business Growth Programme run by London and Partners, the official promotion agency of the Mayor of London, President of London Public Speakers, and a consultant with Startups in London Libraries, where she supported early-stage and aspiring entrepreneurs with the design and delivery of their startup pitches.

Here are 4 most-requested talks that Gosia can deliver for your organisation:

*The Silent Language of Leadership*

- Discover how to nonverbal cues (space, eye contact, expressiveness, tone of voice) to command respect and build rapport with your team
- Find out how the way you present yourself (physical presence and tone of voice) influences others’ perceptions of you as a leader
- Create your own brand of leadership presence that inspires commitment from your team and feels authentic to you

*Get Heard in Meetings*

- Learn how to organise your thoughts when you’re asked an unexpected question in a meeting
- Discover how to use your body language and voice to get others to listen to you
- Find out how to deal with interruptions

*Bridging the Confidence-Competence Gap*

- Find out how to show up as an expert you truly are
- Discover how to translate the elusive concept of confidence into observable behaviours
- Learn to spot nonverbal cues of insecurity and find out how to avoid them

*Speak on the Spot*

- Learn how to structure your thoughts on the fly while looking like you’ve spent hours preparing
- Find out how to bring down the nerves before high stakes events that involve impromptu speaking
- Discover how to project confidence and build rapport with others when you speak without preparation

Here is what some of Gosia's clients have to say about her talks:

"I had the pleasure of participating in Gosia's virtual workshop "Get Heard in Meetings," which catered to women in the workplace. She offered very insightful and incredibly useful tips on how to improve my experience and make myself heard in a workplace setting, with both coworkers and clients. Just days later, I have already noticed a difference in my quality of work!" (Austin, Customer Relationship Advisor, Costar)

“Gosia's session has really helped me slow down and consider how I present myself to other people. I have never been particularly confident in group situations nor with public speaking of any sort, but her advice, tips and guidance have shown me that I can influence people successfully and also manage difficult situations where before I would have withdrawn.” (Lisa, Process Planner, ExxonMobil)

"Gosia was an absolute pleasure to work with! The content was incredible - thought-provoking and unique, an incredibly hard task these days when there is so much information available on body language and confidence building. The workshop Gosia ran was packed to the rim and the feedback has been excellent so far, looking forward to continuing our relationship." (Michaela, tech conference organiser)

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