Mmanti Umoh

Award-winning Management Consultant & Education Psychologist using skills development for job creation, economic growth & poverty reduction

Mmanti Umoh is the Lead Consultant of The PurplePatch Consults.

A polymath - award winning Management Consultant and Education Psychologist who is using skills development for job creation, economic growth and poverty reduction. She specializes in transforming the economy, empowering people and building sustainable communities through collaboration.

She is the Chair, Council-Future-Plan for Nigeria - the foremost interdisciplinary knowledge network dedicated to promoting innovative thinking to shape a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

She provides Workplace Mental Health Training, supporting leaders, managers and employees to understand mental health and how to create workplace mental health structures.

As Teen Development Systems Specialists and global lead for work-based learning including on quality apprenticeships at Teennation. Serving as Teennation’s  Employment Coordinator, in Africa.

She provides policy advice and capacity development services on skills development and youth employment to over 25 African countries and established innovative skills policy systems with positive impacts on teen enterprise development, employment outcomes and social inclusion.  

As part of her drive to empower citizens perspectives in local communities, she Founded the PEWNN, TEENNATION and Teen Mentors Network.

Mmanti wrote the Blueprints of iSEEL, Mental Health Curriculum, Behavioural Modification Curriculum and the Nigerian Emotional Learning Project (NELPRO) transforming African education through social and emotional - employability and leadership learning.

Fellow UK - Institute of Management Specialists, Occupational Safety and Health Professionals. Emerging African Leader 2015, 7 Star Worker 2016, Nominee International Woman in African Education 2018.

Speaker on World Economic Forum - Global Shapers Community, Commonwealth, African Union, ECOWAS, Google, Facebook British Council platforms on Technology, Security, Policy, Mentoring and Development.

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