Jenny Wynter

Inject some humour into your workplace - lift the mood, connect your team, and smile for days

Striving to improve mental health through laughter!

“Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope.”​ Jacinta Felsch, NSW Health

With almost two decades of experience as an award-winning stand-up comedian, coupled with extensive experience in the business realm, Jenny brings her energetic and hilarious style to her presentations in a way that brings humour and heart on the topics of:

* Creativity & Innovation
* Diversity & Inclusion
* Mental health and resilience
* Mindset, burnout and corporate culture
* Fun-da-mental health - growing beyond "Are you ok?" and a cupcake
* Burnt out to brilliant - a morale boosting circuit breaker
* Women's empowerment: blah blah blah, can't we move on already? - what's next for an equitable work environment

"Jenny delivered a spell-binding performance with her singing and comedy mixed with moments of poignant tenderness." PeakCare Awards

"We LOVE working with Jenny! It's easy to say she's funny - it's true- she's a comedian but Jenny's performance and presenting skills are deeper than that. She is warm and personable with her audiences, quick witted, inclusive, and yes, very very funny." Kate Baggerson, Everybody Now!

Her accolades include:

* Professional Speakers Australia Kerry Nairn Scholar
* Two time TedX Speaker
* Bachelor of Communications (Business)
* Internationally Award-Winning Comedian (Best Variety Show United Solo Festival NYC, Excellence in Cabaret Melbourne Fringe, ABC iView Pitch Perfect Competition)
* Accredited Mental Health First Aid Responder
* AusMumpreneur Big Idea Winner

She has packages available to present at your event in person, online or in a hybrid environment, with options for pre-recorded, custom video trailers to increase the buzz and anticipation ahead of your event.

"Jenny was absolutely amazing for the full 45 minutes and we laughed to tears at all the improvs! The main highlight was when Jenny included the audience within her jokes, both online and in person (yes, we successfully made the hybrid mode work!)" Shruthi Kumar, ConnellGriffin

As a mother with a family of six kids (three she made herself and three she outsourced) also pursuing her major passions, Jenny's perspective also resonates deeply with women who are striving to achieve their career goals in the midst of a busy family life!

"…original and inspiring. She spoke with a confidence and engaging authenticity that had the entire room hanging on every word, in fits of laughter and impacted for the better.” Jess Ndenda, The Belle Evolution

With first-hand experiences, thought-provoking insight and her key ingredient of humour, Jenny brings a fresh and unique perspective on how to improve mental wellbeing, cope with life's curveballs and move forward through uncertainty.

"Jenny Wynter is hilarious and worth every cent. I have used her three times...and know that has been one of the best decisions I made for every event.” Samantha Jockel, Parent TV

"It was absolutely fantastic. I think​ it also hit a few people in the feels and they loved the messaging (it was really on point for us in terms of the​ wellbeing aspect). I have no idea how I am going to do something better next year!”​ Lisa Warren, Hunter Water Corporation

“I don’t laugh at much any more, I felt pretty low this morning and wasn’t going to come. I’m so glad I did as Jenny actually made me laugh and I feel so much better for it!" Audience member, Wesley Laugh Out Loud Day

See Jenny in action -

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