Jennifer L Evans

Inspire, engage and affirm what's unique and best in each of us - both at work and otherwise - even when we think we can't

Organizations are based in conformity and people are afraid to go outside normal patterns. As such, much of what we know about the implementation of positive practices and successful organizational change requires that leadership from the top influence those lower in the hierarchy.

From her administrative role at University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Jennifer uniquely influenced workplace culture from a position of essentially no authority. In this joyful talk she highlights the strategies she employed for overcoming resistance from higher level organizational players. She invites exploration of how you can express positive deviance, recognize and support it in others and use it to positively influence from any position or role.

As Director of the Positive Deviance Lab, Jennifer’s stories support any who wish to develop positively deviant teams and achieve extraordinary outcomes. And all who are inspired to be more of themselves and contribute more fully.

"Jennifer Evans is a positive deviant who has implemented strategies and overcome resistance from higher level and more powerful players at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business to affect wide-scale positive change in the culture of Ross—especially staff culture."
Dr. Kim Cameron, U.M. RSB            
“Jennifer is a creative organizing artist-- creating  a pathway through uncharted organizational waters to help people in this community find water. What she does is good and it is a gift to all of us."
Dr.Jane Dutton, U.M. RSB

"I love your deviance story and got so much out of your session. I got a ton of great ideas. As someone who wields little authority it reminded me of all the little ways I can express my strengths. Thank you."
Participant, Canadian Positive Psychology Conference 2018

Jennifer has managed faculty on two college campuses, advised graduate students, developed ergonomics training programs and taught children with special needs. She is happiest when making a positively deviant contribution and inspiring others to express themselves authentically both at work and otherwise.

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