Anna Lempriere The Conscious Coach

Speak YOU- inspiring Women to USE their Voice for good.

What if being you is a revolutionary act?

Research suggests women are still hiding from being authentic at work living, we are masking and hiding, because it doesn't feel safe. Understanding trauma informed practice, how perfectionism and imposter syndrome part of daily experience, added to this is the intersectionality of race, religion etc compounds Womens mental health further. It’s keeping us away from our ambitious dreams. Even women CEOs/Senior leaders despite incredible achievements, are still plagued with low confidence.

We are questioning our worth.

We don’t feel safe to be different with who we are and how we work.

Self care feels non existent.

The performance is exhausting.

Imposter syndrome is mostly awarded to women as yet another mental health frailty.
It is real. We feel like an imposter, we hide if we are different, our “lack” of experience, race, culture, gender.

“It’s not safe for me to be me, it’s not ok for me to be in a role where I can’t embody perfection”
What if we are all sneaking around hiding aspects of ourselves and we’re exhausted!

Can we come out of hiding? If we recognise the symptoms.

Turn imposter syndrome into authentic living.

We examine imposter and perfectionism developing our self awareness and recognise our shared experience in this as a conditioned response in patriarchy.

Agreeing ways to support and ally all Women.

Anna Lempriere ~ The Conscious Coach has been supporting and coaching women for empowerment in the corporate sector for 25 years.

A motivational speaker & communications expert, coaching women in business to deliver authentic, high impact speeches and presentations. Anna is the founder and creator of the Speak YOU Method, a program designed to grow the confidence of woman leaders to use their voices.
Working with organisations such as EE, Global Media, RS Components and BT. She carries embodied wisdom on the dark night of the menopause, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, true brand Identity, confidence, authentic story telling & empowerment for ALL Women.
With 25 yrs experience in performance & speaking. As a business coach she works with female leaders to develop the authentic confidence needed to advance their careers.
A Womanist in every fibre of her being, at the root of her work is the deep understanding that it's our personal story that is our expertise, learning how to express ourselves authentically & weave it confidently into all our lives is our life's work.

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