Sian Prigg

Encouraging young women to start sooner in making brave career decisions

Sian Prigg helps women to fully harness their experience and their inner superhero stories to find their true authentic self. Once this is recognised Sian works with them to help them make brave career decisions.

Her experience lies in helping women understand their strengths, passions and super powers and encouraging them to aim high. She supports them to fully understand themselves and helps to match this uniqueness to career possibilities, offering real life insights into careers.

As a coach, Sian is honest and down to earth, with a real talent for getting people to open up to her. Described as ‘caring’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘honest’, for Sian really helping women embrace their potential is what really inspires her.

As someone who made bold career decision at the age of 5 and experienced a variety of careers until she found her true passion, she uses this story to inspire others. With over 20 years in HR, Recruitment and Learning and Development roles she has run award winning Apprenticeships, Graduate Programs and Internships.

Sian has a real world edge to her coaching, knowing first hand what helps people succeed in the world of work.

Sian has worked on many Women in Leadership initiatives and has a real passion for ensuring true gender equality and in her words ‘she won’t stop until this happens!’.

A coach, trainer and public speaker, Sian truly believes that every woman should have every opportunity to find their dream career and become a superhero.

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