Gosia Margie Witko

How to Grow a Six Figure Business For Female Entrepreneurs

Margie teaches business topics tailored for women who want to start a business or grow and scale an existing business. Duration tailored 1-3 hours in length or half day.

These are transformational, hands-on events with worksheets. At the end of the event, the audience can identify the major steps in transforming their business to one of profit and purpose through the blended model where entrepreneurs can do good and make money at the same time.

Margie founded her company as a global platform to hold a safe space for anyone to develop business strategy, implement systems, receive support from a community that understands their unique needs, and prepare them for leadership within their communities.

"If you’ve ever felt isolated, misunderstood, and even sometimes a little hopeless … Welcome to the mind of the solo female entrepreneur! Some people just don’t get you ... and it's okay! You’re hard-wired with ambition and a powerful dream, and many people around you don’t think the same way."

Margie's entrepreneurial, workshop style events, help women turn ambitions and powerful dreams into profitable lifestyle businesses. In turn, this gives women the strength and support to go one step further ... grow their communities by taking on more of a leadership mindset and role.

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating for any person, but for female entrepreneurs it can be crippling. Many go it alone. Without the proper support, their failure rate is significant.  Furthermore, they can often short-change themselves and restrict their potential though limiting beliefs. Add a few drops of doubt, and some criticism from their circle of influence ... and things can start to go south pretty quickly.

Then there’s the plethora of technology to deal with, social platforms to consider, web sites to build, marketing campaigns to map-out, it’s overwhelming. It can become akin to a rollercoaster ride. One day everything is full of promise, and amazing opportunity abounds, and the next day someone says the ‘one thing’ that triggers your fears and you begin to recoil, feeling like you’re in way-over-your-head.

In addition to the overwhelm already surmounting, many women have exciting ideas but just don’t know where to start, or which one is really going to be viable? … How does one begin to make sense of it all? It can feel like the original freedom metric doesn’t look like a reality anymore because of this.

The solution is found in a Six Figure Roadmap that can be easily understood by anyone. Often, an epiphany occurs once the steps are viewed in an easy-to-digest visual map. Combined with expert guidance, Margie takes the audience on an entertaining journey through the eyes of their own dream businesses, and shows them not only that this is very possible, but how to achieve it through the roadmap.

"Helped me clearing my perspective on how to deal with a client. Margie had a great layout of how to work with your strengths and focus on them."

"My takeaway was the transformation and journey that we take the client through. The story is about them. It seems less scary to think you are helping a client with their problem not selling to them. It's flipping that mindset. That part really clicked with me today! Finally!"

"I have my 1st client appointment Monday and taking your client journey map with me- I love that!"

"My challenge now is finding my first client. I'm well equipped with the knowledge of my field, I just haven't been able to reach out to many people. Margie demonstrated  the "announcing" step in her roadmap and I'm going to use that important information and implement in my business."

"Thanks Margie, great insight and straight forward planning and execution. Got some really great takeaways."

"My takeaway was finding who you're most inspired by and working backwards from their life to reach a certain goal in your life."

"I really like the visual you had for this session on the roadmap."

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