Ethel Manyaka

An aspiring scholar, writer and researcher who discusses which women is without wounds

Her latest upcoming books include This Girl Is This Woman (a reaffirmation of the girl-child in every woman) and A Walk To Some Place: The Re-Invention, in which the female species is encouraged to re-claim "herself" as much as she possibly can in order to continue playing, praying, sleeping, and owning her space on earth with the aim and hope to bring the change she wants to have, see and embrace.

Ethel argues that women's stories interrelate, therefore women connect anyhow consequently able to dance to any tune, with the same melody, at any time from any ground floor.

It is in this platform that Ethel wishes to reminisce, laugh, cry and embrace with women the beauty of their being and existence.

More than anything, to remain in control - no matter how hard the fall or deep the heartache. The reason being that, the world depends on women's resilience.

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