Semirah Dolan

Upbeat women engineer with tips and tools on navigating the world of tech as an underrepresented minority. Tech topics: Blockchain, Java, UI/UX

Semirah Dolan is a Blockchain Developer and educator in the Blockchain space.

She uses her social media platforms to connect to international platforms and to spread the knowledge of blockchain.

Semirah believes that the key to blockchain mass adoption is a general understanding of the technology.

Semirah's background is in mechanical engineering and computer science.

She has worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies in various industries such as: tech, manufacturing, health care, and aerospace.

"My passion for problem solving can be traced back to my pre-professional days. Whether as an older sister or part of the engineering team at various companies, I’ve been on a problem solving path from the start. My name is Semirah Dolan and I have my B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and computer science. I’ve played many different roles that revolve around my engineering skill sets and my instincts for building solutions. I am excited about tech and uplifting my community to be apart of this evolving industry."


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