Ayisha Thompson

Brand marketing specialist on brand identity, personal branding, digital marketing and entrepreneurship

Topics include
1.Hustle N Flow: How To Brand Your Hustle and Increase Your Cash Flow

Learning Objectives

- Discover what's needed for you to effectively disrupt the ideology of the 9-5 structured success and confidently make the shift to entrepreneurship

- Gain knowledge on the best digital marketing tools to create an online business that will allow you to gain full control of your money and your time

- Learn how to monetize your skillset, knowledge, and experience and become a disrupter in your industry

- Implement the best systems to achieve the freedom your desire by creating their own source of income

2. Mastering Your Brand Pitch:4 Principles Of Getting To The Point

Learning Objectives
- Learn how to effectively sell your brand in a few words without compromising the value of your message.
- Develop four (4) simple strategies to develop for simple strategies to confidently refine your message
- Learn how to effectively connect by communicating with presence and authenticity

3. The Essence of Branding
Learning Objectives
- Gain clarity on the concept of branding
- Learn effective tips on discovering your unique brand essence
- Gain awareness of top branding mistakes new business owners make and solutions to get ahead of the game

With over ten years of experience, Ayisha Thompson, founder of Envision Creative A.R.T (ECA), has helped businesses discover and develop innovative brand identities.

Beginning her career in the Fashion Industry as a Marketing Associate for a luxury fashion designer on NY’s famous Fashion Ave, Ayisha, a quick learner who thrived for challenges, became the firm’s youngest executive at age 22, obtaining the title of Chief Marketing Executive officer.

Through her diverse level of experience in various industries, Ayisha has mastered the craft of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with design and brand marketing services.

With Ayisha’s support, clients develop strategic and impactful brands that speak to their target audience, increase brand awareness, and create captivating messaging that consistently convert leads into sales.

With ECA’s customized visual marketing solutions, clients receive the best of both worlds, the skills of a graphic designer with the strategic insight of an experienced brand marketer.

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