Shola Kaye

Author and communication expert, helping women express their value in the workplace with power, precision and authenticity

Shola Kaye is a communication expert, author of two books and an award-winning international speaker. She shares frameworks and models to help women communicate with confidence and clarity.

Talks are interactive, high energy and you will walk away with new tools and skills you can use immediately.

Shola has been featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and on the BBC and recent clients include Deloitte, American Express and The Guardian. She works extensively with clients throughout the USA and Europe. She has a top 10 vlog on communication skills and is a LinkedIn Learning instructor with tens of thousands of students worldwide.

Shola has a variety of IWD speaking topics (go to to learn more).

For 2021, Shola's featured IWD speech is called:


This year for IWD, Shola Kaye will share how we can all be D.I.V.A.S. in the workplace, elevating each others' voices, being more visible and creating opportunities for permanent change.

Challenging the status quo can be tough, and when we’re under pressure at work, instead of speaking up it can seem easier to take a back seat.

Learning objectives:
This interactive keynote, with live demonstrations, chat and real-time Q&A,  is designed to support you in being seen, heard and valued. You’ll leave with practical communication tools to help you become more:

*DYNAMIC - Stop being a wallflower and receive the attention you deserve during meetings and high stakes conversations
*INSPIRING - Develop a powerful brand story and use your career challenges to motivate and mobilise others
*VALUABLE - Share your opinion with clarity and precision using a simple but effective communication tool
*AUTHENTIC - Determine your communication values and develop an unshakeable foundation for speaking up
*SUPPORTIVE - Pick up strategies to amplify the voices of your colleagues and peers

Everyone can learn from this talk, not just women. We can all be D.I.V.A.S. :)

***WATCH SHOLA'S VIRTUAL DEMO REEL and TEDx talk on inclusion and communication at

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Feedback on Shola's speeches includes:

I was looking for a speaker for international women’s day. Shola was extremely professional, the feedback we received off the back of her talk was fantastic… the audience were inspired and constantly engaged throughout the session, making this a great way to open our event.
- NatWest

“The content was so powerful and authentically delivered, our teams are still raving about it today.” - Hotwire PR

“Our HR team would like to incorporate some of the tools you gave us into the updated manager training programme.” - S-RM Corporate Intelligence

“Shola was able to make a Zoom presentation feel intimate by encouraging interaction and using her presentation deck as complimentary content - not a crutch.” - Emory University

“One of the best workshops I have attended, it was fun, engaging and, most importantly, since then I have been able to apply what I learnt in my HR practice and pass the knowledge on.”

“The team is already looking at ways of modifying and improving our communication skills by using the frameworks Shola outlined.” - The United Nations Food and Population Agency

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