Paris Bartholomew

Former secondary school teacher inspires you to survive the storm, grow and inspire others to do the same.

Paris is a self employed lecturer, trainer and motivational speaker who is passionate about surviving childhood trauma and using those survival skills to learn, grow and motivate others.

Paris Bartholomew gives an educational & inspirational insight into the world of being a looked after child in London. She was taken into local authority care at age 6 & had 9 residential and foster care placements by the time she left local authority care aged 18.

She provides a unique and frank account which delves into the painful, harrowing & somewhat disturbing life of a child growing up in the care system - what is unique about this talk is the way which it is delivered without the essence of victim-hood but with the tones of survival. Paris' resilience and courage allowed her to become a successful teacher of psychology and Health and Social Care, however, she is now self employed & has a proven track record of supporting charities.

Paris is not only an inspirational speaker but a qualified lecturer, trainer, counselor and a short-term foster carer.  She uses a combination of mindfulness and meditation to enhance her own well-being and has a passionate, fun but inspiring approach to her talks. She challenges her audiences to ‘survive, grow and inspire’ others by sharing a range of techniques she uses for achieving this within her own life; her basic message is one of hope & inspiration, her mission, to let her audiences know that recovery from trauma is possible.


"Paris' session was informative, imaginative and intriguing! The learners were encouraged greatly by her motivational nature and the interactive feature of her session. Feedback was that they felt their opinions and thoughts were valued as much as the person sitting beside them. As a result I can happily say many of the learners have reached their aims and goals in employment. We cannot thank Paris enough!"

Christophe Ah-Hang, Catch22 Employability & Training Manager for Under 25s.

''Our students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation Paris delivered, it was inspiring and they learnt a lot from it. Our students are nervous & apprehensive before starting the course, some have been going through depression, stress & anxiety which is extremely demotivating.
Paris has a style which boosts their confidence and self-esteem, encourages them to not giving up, using her words of wisdom and stories of hope. She's a great teacher, motivator and all round speaker. Awesome!''

Jamie Easton - Head of School, Newham College of Further Education, London.

''Paris was well organised, keen and positive with very good subject knowledge, who related clearly and professionally to the students who are motivated by her. Her skills as a speaker are unique and inspiring. Some of our most disadvantaged students were moved by what she had to say .''

Gus Nwanokwu Programme Manager, Westminster College

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