Laura Winter

Sports broadcaster, journalist and domestic violence survivor, campaigning for an end to violence against women and blazing a trail in the world of sport's media

Laura Winter is a sports broadcaster, commentator, journalist, and passionate event host and speaker.

Working in F1, rugby, tennis, motorsport, cycling and many more, Laura has featured on  BBC Sport, ITV 4, Eurosport, BT Sport, Sky Sports and NBC.

The 30-year-old's career has broadly centered around women's sport and the plight of female athletes, as well as finding her way in the predominantly male world of sport.

She has passionately campaigned for increased media coverage and sponsor investment in women's sport, as well as greater respect and support for our groundbreaking and brilliant female athletes.  

She is part of a team that founded the world's first video destination and TV show for women's cycling and continues to work in other women's sports too, including the increasingly popular netball, cricket, and tennis.

Laura speaks informatively about the effects of the visibility of women's sport on wider society; sport mirrors society and visibility of sporting role models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, is crucial to breaking down the narrow stereotypes that have for so long confined women to look a certain way, and fulfil designated roles in society. The power of sport, exercise and activity in women's physical and mental wellbeing is tremendous.

While well-versed in speaking about sport and its beneficial effects, Laura has recently had her eyes opened to another danger facing women in society - the very real epidemic of domestic violence.

International Women's Day, forever a date marked in her diary to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide and to highlight the challenges still to overcome, took on a greater and incredibly painful significance in 2019 when she was assaulted by her ex partner in their home on March 8th.

After months of processing the trauma and the overwhelming PTSD that accompanied it with her therapist, friends and family, Laura now has the strength to speak openly about her experiences and her recovery. Domestic violence does not discriminate.

Two women a week die at the hands of a partner or ex-partner, while funding to women's services and refuges, and the Crown Prosecution Services have been slashed, meaning it is more difficult to being offenders to justice.

Laura believes talking about the devastating impact of domestic violence, from the accompanying trauma, shame and guilt to addiction, homelessness and poverty, has never been more important. Elie Wiesel said, "Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

We are more powerful together to help end the plague of domestic violence.

Laura will encourage us all to start the conversation this International Women’s Day.

Key topics
- Domestic violence
- Trauma and PTSD
- Women in sports journalism / broadcast - navigating a traditionally male-dominated world
- Women's sport - what are the challenges faced and what more can be done?
- The benefits of exercise/ activity for women

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