Freya Ingva

Award-winning, international Diviner explaining how dowsing helps women

Freya's work is about bringing divining into modern times, making it a popular and reputable modality, available and accessible to all.

Her biggest desire is to help women trust and understand their abilities, guiding them into this process of recognition.

In her talk, Freya will present dowsing, giving a brief historical background, then focussing on the tools currently used, techniques, and how to ask questions. If applicable, she will happily demonstrate how the tools are held and work.

Freya has been using her intuition and guidance system since childhood. After a time of denial, she decided to explore what was truly happening in her life, allowing her to name experiences and understand their message.

She is fortunate enough to have met and studied with many masters of our times and she wants to pass on this knowledge to empower women holistically.

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