Riya Mehta

Artificial intelligence & genomic researcher exploring different ways of applying AI in the future of genomic applications

Riya speaks about how to revolutionize global health,and provide healthcare for thousands of patients worldwide suffering for basic medical resources by developing virtual hospitals, a way for VR to be integrated in the medical world.

She is an artificial intelligence & genomic researcher under the Hospital for Sick Children, where she explores different ways of applying AI in the future of genomic applications in different diseases.

Currently researching the fields of AR/VR, Riya is developing ways of integrating virtual reality experiences into surgical settings and reinventing telemedical models, by creating Virtual Hospitals. She recently presented about her platform, Virtuary, at IBM’s Biggest Software Development Conference-Evoke, The Uber Canada Head Office, Tribal Scale innovation events, and the Vector Institute of technology. She is on the speaker lineup for SXSW, TEDx DonMills, WNORTH, REWORK Montreal and many more around the globe.

She is also a lead in the Cardiac Research Centre in the Hospital, to bridge the gap between emerging technology and the genetics of Pulmonary Vein Stenosis, through 3D cardiac modelling and 3D printing of pulmonary veins in newborns. This is a project being conducted by her through company Autodesk and the Hospital.

Passionate about the global epidemic for healthcare & solving the world's greatest problems with disruptive technology, Riya is a global health activist at the Hospital, on a mission to bring accessible health care in developing countries with the help of emerging technology, like VR/AR & AI.

Previous speaking engagements can be found at her portfolio linked below or here at https://youtu.be/exjheAk96wM & https://youtu.be/xHIYZHxfi9g/https://youtu.be/BYVwzLh3eDM

You can find out more about her & her projects at her website riyam.me, her platform website http://virtuary.ca/ or her portfolio at https://tks.life/profile/riya.mehta. Many of her projects are listed on those websites, but a more recent/accurate bio can be found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V1cD4MeV7wM0Ha6t5JDYDNKyD5GtitDIke3ECLlTzRo/edit.

She is an innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS), a human accelerator program focused on developing the next generation of change-makers, through emerging technology

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