Olamide Omajuwa Alli

Passionate about women becoming confident, self aware and body positive

Olamide Alli is the Founder of Pearl Women Development Academy, a human development organisation for teenagers and young women where she teaches the value of having a healthy self esteem and helps the young ones grow confidence and self awareness. She also doubles as the social media manager and researcher into women studies and self awareness.

Olamide has worked and volunteered with several organisations like The women International and Ecobank Nigeria with experience in Customer Service relations and program planning and development. She also studied Computer Science at the prestigious university of Lagos and has a background in data and system analysis. Olamide is passionate about body positivity and helps women see that they are more than their bodies and are capable of being whoever they desire to be.

Olamide is super fun and all her speaking or training sessions are interactive. She knows how to speak to the audience from a place of love and relativity and she believes that talk therapy can heal many wounds. She has helped so many women become more confident and self loving and would motivate the women at your event to become bold about going in the direction of their dreams.

Olamide loves meeting new people and her super power is resilience.

To find out more about Olamide and the work she does at Pearl Women Development Academy, check out www.instagram.com/omajuwaa and www.instagram.com/pearlacademynig

You can also find body positive quotes and tips at www.instagram.com/bodyposiunicorn

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