Dr. Candice Pitts

A woman with vigor whose struggles are a catalyst for opportunities and possibilities

Little girls with dream become women with vision.

When she was a child, Dr. Pitts helped her mother with her food business, which earned her the affectionate appellation of the "little johnnycake gyal."

Due to helping her mom, Dr. Pitts was often late to school, but she was still able to earn a 91.7 percentile on the Belize National Selection Examination (BNSE).

She later attended Pallotti High School. After graduating from Pallotti, Dr. Pitts attended St. John's College Junior College (SJCJC) in Belize, where she fell in love with the field of English Literature.

She graduated with honors and was offered a basketball scholarship to play basketball for the Albany State University (ASU) Lady Rams.  At ASU she was recognized as the Highest Ranking English Major at ASU and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

The Department of English at The Ohio State University offered Dr. Pitts a full scholarship to pursue her Master's Degree in English Literature.

She graduated from OSU and accepted a scholarship to pursue her doctoral degree at Oklahoma State University.

After she completed one year at OKState, she was encouraged by Dr. Nkonko Kamwamgamalu, the then Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of English at Howard University, to apply to the Graduate Program in English at Howard University.

She commenced her doctoral studies in the Department of English at HU. Dr. Pitts defended successfully her dissertation in July 2014 and graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature in May 2015. Dr. Pitts presented her research globally, in places such as Japan, England, France, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica, and the United States.

Additionally, she attended a conference on 'Women in International Affairs' at the White House in Washington, D.C.. Dr. Pitts is an exceptional writer and won the College Language Association Margaret Walker Creative Writing Contest, both in 2013 and 2014.  

Dr. Pitts returned to ASU as an Assistant Professor of English/ Caribbean Literature in the Department of English. In August, 2016, however, Dr. Pitts moved back to her home country Belize.

She immediately began lecturing at the University of Belize where she was an Assistant Professor in the English Department. In March 2017, Dr. Pitts ran for City Councillor at the Belize City Council. Her endeavors were successful.

She currently serves under the portfolio of Women, Children and Families, NGOs and Feeding Programs. After her victory, she directed a panel discussion for battered women.

A petition was signed in support of survivors of domestic violence by citizens of Belize City. Dr. Pitts has also developed a new program, Community Support, where members of the city who may need social support are able to receive such services free of cost. Those services include Workshops for Parents and Children, Counselling, Support Groups, Training for trades such as cosmetology and welding.

Dr. Pitts has made a tremendous impact in the lives of the citizens of the Belize City. As of recent, Dr. Pitts is a Standard Bearer in the Mesopotamia Constituency of Belize City. Since her endorsement, she opened a Sewing Center for young women in the constituency. Here, the women are trained and equipped to sew. After completion, these women are able to generate their own income based on the products they sell. Dr. Pitts has also worked on projects to better not only Mesopotamia but also the country of Belize.

She works tediously and tirelessly for the betterment and development of her country.

She believes that everyone can make a difference in life, but as a politician, you are able to make faster and broader impacts throughout your country.

Dr. Pitts credits her success to Jesus, her Christ, her family and friends, and mentors, and especially her mom, Matilda.

She plans ultimately to reach the highest expression of herself, live her life pleasing to God, and to be of service to humanity.

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