Wendy Powell

Women's health and body positivity expert shares actionable strategies to reject body shame or judgment and find empowerment and strength

Every woman deserves the dignity and pleasure of a body that works and that makes her feel strong.

But many women are not feeling good in and about their bodies.

Women’s voices are needed today more than ever, but far too many talented and brilliant female humans are being held back from becoming their best selves, enduring chronic physical symptoms as well as mental health and confidence issues.

This is not 'as good as it gets' because we had the audacity to have babies.

Wendy inspires and lifts, with actionable, effective strategies that will help reduce symptoms and improve confidence.

She helps women reject body shame and judgment, in favour of empowerment, strength and self-love, so that they can become, do and achieve everything they are capable of.

Speaker topics include:
The Truth About a Mother’s Body
What’s ‘normal’ look like? What’s supposed to be different, what can we change and how can we feel better about how we look, feel and function? Strategies, techniques and revelations to build strength and confidence right away.

‘Pro Voice’. Why We Need To Expand The Conversation
What women having choices and voices really looks like, and why inclusivity and equality matters.

Hiring and Inspiring a Great Team
How to inspire job satisfaction and a passionate drive for productivity and business success, with respect for people’s time, motivations and priorities. Strategies to build a team that really, really cares.

Wendy is the creator of a global online medically recommended web app for mothers, and a recognised pioneer for maternal health and body positivity.

She is a published author, speaker, master trainer, accredited education provider and award-winning entrepreneur.

She has featured as Expert in pelvic floor health on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, for the NCT and in the Telegraph, and was invited to present research and insights at the London Midwifery Festival in 2019.

Her work on how women’s health affects mental health have been highlighted by charity PANDAS and the Maternity Voices Partnership.

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