Anna Goodwin

Accountant, Trainer & Mentor to L&D teams delivering CSR to improve mental health wellbeing/ Keynote Speaker

"Anna was a fantastic tutor and host for today's session.  She made the session feel personal and entertaining while at the same time extremely educational.  She made numbers fun!"
Barry Corrieri Area Manager for Krispy Kreme

The training given is on Personal Finance and Finance for Non-Financial People (FFNFP).

By attending these workshops employees will be less stressed about their finances and hence will be more productive. Also they will be gaining a new skill which they can potentially apply to their own role.

For L&D teams this will help them to achieve their CSR requirements.

Women and money (and our relationship with money) workshop includes:

1. Why is it important?

2. Knowing your attitude to money

3. Goal setting

4. Budgeting

5. Getting control of your debts

6. Setting a savings goal

7. Plan for moving forward

Throughout the workshop examples and case studies are used to illustrate the point and the attendees are encouraged to participate.

“Anna has helped me think more about my finances and how I should start focusing more on what I want in life and how I can reach my goals. It’s really helped me to realise that I can achieve the impossible in time.”
Michaela Zurgal
Walsall Housing Group (WHG)

The Finance for Non Financial People (FFNFP) workshop covers:

1. Budgets and Cost Management

• What is a budget
• Why forecasting is important
• How to prepare a budget
• What is cost management
• Why is it key to profitability
• How to control costs

2. Planning

• Why is planning important for business success
• When is it best to plan
• How to plan – take account of stock, pricing, competition, staff,
• What do you want to achieve
• Who can help you plan

3. Cost V Service Impact

• How the level of customer service affects profitability
• How to keep costs as low as possible without affecting service
• Pricing strategies to increase profitability

4. Long Range Scope

• Why is long tern planning important
• How to decide on specific goals
• Planning covering break even analysis, KPIs, cash flow projections
• Using a profit and loss statement and balance sheet

The aim is to make finance fun and less threatening so that attendees can take in the content and learn how to use it in the best way to fulfil their needs.

Women in particular can be held back within their role or with their own personal finances because of number blocks and fears and this is the area that is addressed within these workshops.

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