Caroline Buchanan

Eight-time world champion and founder of scholarship for young women to empower the next generation

"I love challenging myself physically and mentally in all sports and whatever life throws at me.  I'm addicted to adrenaline and anything with two wheels. Female empowerment, progression of sport, French Bulldogs, marketing and media is my passion."

Caroline Buchanan classifies herself as more than a cyclist – though her passion for anything with two wheels is what drives the dream.

An athlete, business woman, social media influencer, mentor, proud advocate for women in sport and reality television tragic, world champion and Olympian, Caroline has been ear-marked as one of the new guard of Australian Athlete.

Her down to earth attitude makes her one of the most approachable Australian sportswomen, despite having achieved six elite World Championships and twenty Australian National titles over three cycling disciplines.

Equally at home dodging trees downhill in the mud on a mountain bike, or flying over jumps on a BMX bike, Caroline has dominated both cycling disciplines, and she gets just as much enjoyment teaching two year olds how to navigate their very first turn on the track on a balance bike.

Whether she spends her day in the gym or in front of a TV camera, presenting to a corporate crowd or striking a pose for a fashion photographer, Caroline brings passion and persistence in her pursuit of perfection.

Caroline’s personal values of equality, hard work and respect motivate her to live by one of her mottos - "overcoming what life throws at you makes you stronger”. She is particularly proud to utilise her public profile to progress the role of women in sport.

Caroline launched Buchanan Next Gen, an all girls BMX team in 2013 established to financially assist, mentor and promote the cause of young women in one of her chosen sports.

The team is comprised of high achieving up-and-coming women united by ambition and a teamwork mindset. Caroline raised over $10,000 in order to fund the teams travel and participation in theBMX World Championships in Rotterdam, $15,000.00 to go to Zolder in Belgium and with the help of sponsors, $12,000.00 to go to Medallin Columbia.  

Her program was widely recognised, she was asked to make a presentation at the 6th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport in Finland.

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