Sahera Sumar

Global leadership consultant and Executive Director

Sahera is a global leadership consultant whose mission is to develop "Women leaders for a better world" as she believes that self leadership is the journey to a better world.  It is being the best version of yourself  so you can influence, inspire and impact your world.

She specialises in enabling Woman to step up and realise their true potential as leaders driven by their purpose and values and to become “Woman of Influence”  in their chosen domain. As an advocate of  Inclusive Leadership, she works on accelerating woman of diversity  into positions of influence and leadership.

She partners with organisations, teams and individuals to strengthen the diversity leadership pipeline and culture to enables them to scale and sustainably impact the world. She runs Women of Influence: Power Circles, Power Coaching Pods and Workshops accelerating 100’s of woman into positions of influence, in corporate , community and business.  These programs are designed to support women to step into their best selves, clarify their purpose & passion, enhance their brand and shape their paths.  

Using best practices in positive psychology and neuro-leadership, emotionally intelligence practices to achieve real  and powerful  outcomes. She has a Masters in Organisational and Coaching Psychology and has over 15 years experience of working with corporate, community and business leaders in over 25 countries.  

As an Executive Director of the UN Australia Association, she is passionately committed to working with developmental agencies, non-for-profits, social entrepreneurs, refugee women, community groups &  disadvantaged woman to realise  their  true potential.  

This has to be the year you take yourself and the women in your world to the next level. We have no time to waste !

Her qualities:
Energetic, Curious, Courageous, Optimistic, Gratitude, Humanistic  (compassion, values, dignity)

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