Erin Willett

Creative courage, self-love in leadership, resilient cultures, and magnetic companies

Erin Willett is a modern-day hippy (and culture strategist) who believes that strategic companies have soulful approaches.

Regardless of the audience, Erin takes a heartful approach to exploring the human side of business.

An avid over-sharer, she courageously dives into her personal journey and invites the audience to ponder how their own individuality influences the cultures they build around them.

Her talks are personal and profound - showing the audience how one person can impact an entire collective.

Erin has spoken at dozens of events in Canada and Internationally offering sessions that range from intimate Culture Building sessions for Women in Leadership to keynotes in front of hundreds on the topic of What Makes A Courageous Company.

Erin founded The Tap In Team in 2015, a strategist collective that works with leaders in growth phases to help them nurture communities that are creative, inclusive and magnetic.

Erin and her team intend to change the way companies do business, by leading with emotional-intelligence, courage and collaboration.

The mission? More resilient companies lead by diverse, thriving teams who are safe to bring their whole selves to work.

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