Moana Hope

A talented WAFL player, business owner, and an advocate against sexism

Moana Hope knows what it takes to be a strong woman. She's an incredibly talented WAFL player, runs her own business, speaks out against sexism and rocks a suit like nobody's business.

"I don't think women get the same opportunities as men, and I want to see women shining in more areas of life. In sport, in, business, everywhere," says Moana.

Moana is a household name in Australia having been featured on Australian Story and a contestant on Survivor Australia. Moana’s accomplishments in both sport and business are encouraging, especially in a climate where young women feel challenged to act on ambition.

In 2017, she released her own biography 'My Way'. Her message to young women everywhere is to stay true to themselves and not feel like they have to change to be accepted.

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