Imani MgGee-Stafford

NBL star who shares her powerful story about mental health, resilience, sports and being a black woman

NBL star Imani MgGee-Stafford is one inspiring and resilient women. She bravely shares her powerful story about mental health, resilience, black women, sports and the ways that these different elements affect one another. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, achieving great things both on and off the court.

The American basketballer grew up in an abusive household and turned to drugs to cope with the resulting depression, nearly losing her college scholarship to UT Austin and her basketball career in the process.

Imani used poetry as a way to find her voice and the confidence to tell her story and is now a published poet, using her platform to speak and spark change.

She is also the founder of Hoops and Hope Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating safe space.

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