Joyce Marie Sheldon

Author providing women advice for successful caregiving

"Joy," as she is referred to by friends and colleagues, is the author of From Fear to Faith, a Caregiver's Journey, which is endorsed by Hospice International.  She has spent the last 14 years speaking to caregivers (mostly women), professional caregivers (nurses, social workers - again, mostly women) providing guidelines for successful caregiving and how to "rise above the flames."

Joy's many retreats, conferences and seminars have received rave reviews and standing ovations as she moves her audience from tears to laughter - and back again - sharing her hands-on experiences.  She relates the raw and unfiltered Truth about the caregiver who lies - always saying "I'm fine."

Joy's dedication to women prompted her to create The Ahlara Sisterhood after participating in an International Women's Day celebration at Ahlara International in Mooresville, NC.  Since that time, several years ago, women have gathered on the first Sunday of each month to enjoy a guest speaker, discuss, learn and grow together.  To further her dedication to women, the proceeds from the registrations fees are donated to a non-profit which helps to educate young women in Nepal, a charity created by the owner of Ahlara International.

Joy also founded and facilitates a weekly meditation/discussion group titled Mindful Women.  Participants have created a spiritual garden compiled of the words they have studied, such as Awaken, Believe, Create.  

Joy has channeled Angels most of her life and is currently in the process of publishing Angel Whispers, daily messages of inspiration and hope.  Her second book, Seekers and Dreamers, was also channeled and is a compilation of prose, prayers and meditations.

The mother of 7 children - 6 of them girls! - Joy's dedication to helping create strong and productive women who stand tall in their space is steadfast.  She can often be heard saying, "I believe in you - Believe in yourself."

Joy's retreats and keynotes contain such titles as Running on Empty, Living Sanctuariously, and the inspirational From Fear to Faith.  She provides warm guidance and an understanding heart in everything she does and with everyone she meets.

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