Claire Bibby

Award-winning lawyer, senior executive, non-executive director, motivational speaker, thought leader and life coach

Claire is a top keynote speaker, who consistently receives rave reviews about her on-stage energy, warm authenticity and cutting-edge, relatable content. She welcomes the chance to partner with individuals, organisations and teams to create high impact events, inspiring and empowering audiences to bring about real and sustainable change, both individually, professionally and at an organisational level.

Claire speaks and facilitates discussions about a range of topics from high performing teams, psychologically healthy workplaces, sponsorship and mentoring, dispute resolution, coaching, and supporting individuals with their leadership and financial goals.  Her passion is coaching women to be the very best that they can be.

A well-known innovator and influencer, Claire’s delivery style is engaging, humorous and genuine.  She delivers her messages in a simple and direct way with honesty and integrity that leaves a lasting impression on her audiences.

Her most recent local and international speaking events have included:
- Building Game-Changing Teams – Effective Hiring & Succession Management in Singapore;
- Moving the Needle on Managing
- Women in the House – Unconscious Bias & Gender Parity in the Workplace
- Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology – How will Policy, Ethics and the Law keep up?
- The Value and Benefits of Career Mentors and Sponsorship
- Finding Your Oprah

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