Annica Törneryd

Award-winning mentor, former kickboxing champion and keynote speaker

Authenticity has always been one of Annica’s core values.

She talks about "Work/Life (im)Balance" and challenges with honesty and humor, and instantly connects with her audience.

Try not to laugh when she very transparently shares some of her challenges as a single mom of three in a foreign country, building a business and not being able to help the kids with German grammar homework.

Whether you're an employee, a startup owner or leading a team or company, you will be able to recognize yourself in Annica's stories.

She puts all the cards on the table and addresses the pink elephant in the room; that we are all on the verge of collapsing from feeling that we're not enough, that no matter how much we give and invest of ourselves it never seems to give a healthy ROI.

That disgusting feeling of not being enough, combined with "normal overwhelm" and the deep desire to live a fulfilling life, but who the heck has time to make that happen?! All these ingredients together makes quite a lot of people rather unhappy.

Recognize yourself in her story and get inspired by how she's created a system that works, that allows her to go for win after win, turning dreams into reality and living a life by design.

Feel encouraged and inspired to see how you can get out of the hamster wheel, start feeling like you're in control of your situation and ENJOY your life, with hands-on and applicable tools.

Annica had her three children in one year, is raising them alone in a foreign country, without family or financial support.

She collapsed from severe burnout, recovered and wrote a book about it (in several languages), resigned from her very secure employment as an official in the European Institutions to rebuild life on her terms, and started a successful business in a country with four official languages.

There’s more than plain human blood in her veins. There is fire and the desire to reach her full potential, to LIVE her life!

There is dynamite!

Let Annica lift you higher, so you can reach your full potential.

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