Eve Tomlinson

Communications expert and trainer

Eve started her career on Channel 4’s ground-breaking Big Breakfast and has worked across all broadcasters, with award-winning production companies and entertainment talent ranging from Graham Norton to Chris Evans and Mel and Sue.

Eve has a track record in developing new presenters into nationally-recognised talent and it was while working with these broadcasters that she started investigating what exactly makes a world-class communicator.

She asked: what makes you listen to some people and not others; how vital is the likeability factor and why are so many brilliant people terrible at saying what they mean?

Eve then worked with psychologists, HR specialists and business leaders to develop a methodology that blends neuroscience, leading business research and proven entertainment production values to create a unique three-step programme.

Eve has transformed the communication skills of those on the first step of the ladder through to intensive 360s with CEOs.

Eve’s training has revolutionised the skills of those who felt they would never be confident communicators and she has developed bespoke training programmes to meet multiple communication issues across a range of businesses.

Speech content: Maximise initial impact, avoid credibility killers and find your voice.

Participants will learn techniques to create impact and speak with gravitas, they will know how to avoid communication behaviours that undermine their strengths and will leave with a toolbox of skills that they can implement immediately.

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