Fabian Dattner

Globally recognised, award winning leadership expert, activist for women, speaker, author and facilitator

Fabian Dattner is a leadership expert, public speaker, educator, and a regular commentator on the practice of leadership.

She is particularly interested in ethical and environmental issues, and the role of women in building a sustainable future.

In 2019 Fabian was listed in The Financial Review’s top 100 women of influence, as well as receiving the International Stevies Award for Women helping Women in Business. Fabian has a plethora of technical accreditations and has been included in as many books as she’s written.

Over the last two decades, she has worked with hundreds of organisations globally on the practice of  transformational leadership, with a specific focus on changing the narrative for the greater good.

Fabian believes that the traditionally competitive, ‘I over We’, individualistic style of leadership that has brought us to this tipping point, is not the leadership that we need to get us out. She is adamant that shifting towards a long term, legacy minded, collaborative and thoughtful leadership style is, quite possibly, the single most sustainable thing that we can do for the planet.

Fabian is also deeply concerned at the pernicious absence of women at the leadership table, and in response to her growing concern, Fabian launched, some ten years ago, the Australian national leadership program Compass.

Compass is a public program which allows women the space to explore their own leadership capabilities, and to unlock their full potential.

From this, the global program Homeward Bound Projects, a leadership program for 80 to 100 women on each program including a 3 week voyage to Antarctica, was also born and she has since returned from the fourth voyage.

Since 2015 Fabian has directly helped to raise voices and unlock courage in over 450 women with a STEMM background globally, and approx 1500 women in Compass.

By amplifying the voices of women, we are shifting the dial on leadership towards a more sustainable future.

Fabian is funny, engaging, deeply informed and adaptable. Her skills and experience are deeply aligned with the IWD theme in 2020 #EachForEqual, and she is able to speak to all audiences in pragmatic terms, about what we, as leaders, can do to make real and lasting change.

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